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Headshot Workshop Recap – 2/22/14



Ridhima Hegde’s Website

Dorothy Shi and Ridhima Hegde left no stone unturned pertaining to headshots Do’s and Dont’s – We won’t bring loved ones to our photoshoot. We will check the environment and do our research before a shoot and while telling us the Do’s and Dont’s they were both funny and professional at the same time.
We should always strive to do better because we are only as good as we are today. Tomorrow is a new day to prove ourselves.
Not one restaurant serves one person’s taste palate, so why expect for one photo to serve all our needs as an Actor. – The words of Dorothy Shi
Being that our organization is Christain faith based it was interesting to hear Dorothy Shi’s story about the path that led her to being a photographer. She led it to her family history about her dad being a WWII photographer. Dorothy mentioned “running” from your calling or purpose something several of our members can relate to while pursuing a career at some point in their life. It was inspiring to hear her journey of having it all – awards, shows, gigs- to going back to what fulfilled her when she went to Africa. It’s not always about us but what difference will we make in someone else’s life. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your story with us Dorothy Shi and we as artists are obligated to do the same. I mean aren’t we all striving to perform as artists telling someone else’s story, well we can start by making sure our headshots are professional and represent our type. After that the rest is a piece of cake…okay, not a piece of cake but you get the point.

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Actors InC: Hosting Workshop (9/30/13)

Actors InC: Commercial Workshop (9/23/13)

Actors InC: Content-less Scenes Workshop

Workshop: Classic Commercial Night

written by Jeanette Eng

Actors InC came back with the classic commercial night…and it proved true…you can’t go wrong w/ a classic!  We were thoroughly entertained with everyone’s first and second takes on their scripts.  We witnessed dramatic improvements in the technical aspects of certain performances and for those who had it nailed from the beginning, we witnessed their morphing into characters w/ accents everywhere New York to India to London.  The scripts we used included Taco Bell, Lincoln, and Clairol.  We met nearly 20 new faces, including someone who had just arrived to New York two days prior and Briselli, who had been sitting on her invitation to come for over a year!  We look forward seeing you at the next workshop.

Improv Workshop 06.03.13

Written by: Jeanette Eng

Christine Lin and Claire Epstein served as our illustrious improv coaches this past Monday at CAP21 Studios and showed us a great time!

We warmed up the night with a name game, word association exercise, and then some jumping around to literally “warm up!”  Claire and Christine demonstrated each skill they wanted us to master and then course-corrected us as we tried our own hands at it.  Our first challenge was the all-important “yes-and” tenet of Improv.  We practiced this foundation element until we could “yes-and” each other with precision!  It was tedious and unnatural at first, but under Claire’s sharp ears and quick corrections, we honed this skill.

The rest of the evening built upon this fundamental element as we then played a “who, what, where” game and eventually built little scenes.  We closed the night with a “park bench” game where we simply sat and had a conversation with ourselves with another actor.  Surprisingly, this was harder for some than being a character!

It was an incredible evening of learning, laughter, and improv.  Thank you Christine, Claire, and CAP21 Studios!


Financial Workshop with Ryan Mack 05.20.13

Written by Jeanette Eng

Deuteronomy 15:1-2 states 15 “At the end of every seven years you shall grant a release of debts. 2 And this is the form of the release: Every creditor who has lent anything to his neighbor shall release it; he shall not require it of his neighbor or his brother, because it is called the Lord’s release.”

That sounds pretty sweet, huh? Like we can just, in effect, be forgiven of all our debts, come year seven! But you can’t just pick and choose your Biblical finance tips, says Ryan Mack. The Bible just as specifically states in Romans 13: 7-8 “Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor. 8 Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”

And so we learn how the Bible is, indeed, not only a manual for life, but in areas even as nitty gritty as our budgeting spreadsheets, still offers wisdom and relevance.

On Monday, Actors InC welcomed CNN commentator and finance guru Ryan Mack into our workshop for an intense two hours of finance bootcamp sprinkled with entertaining anecdotes, all buckled into the spiritual foundation of God’s Word. No only did we learn about the determinants of our FICO Score (that would be 35% paying your bills on time, 30% your balance lending limit ratio, 15% your lneth of history, 10% your additonal inquiries, and 10% your mix of debt) but we also learned that according to II Peter 2:19-20, whatever we can walk away from, we have mastered; and whatever we cannot walk away from, has mastered us. We were educated on our financial tools, and equally enlightened on the role that our finances play in our testimony, or, in Mack terms, “the building of our tower.”

Check out some of Mr. Mack’s recommended tools and for everything, look back at our recorded livestream!

To learn more about Ryan Mack and his teachings, check out his book “Living in the Village” and his site: http://www.optimum-capital.com.

Group Comedic Commercial Workshop 05.15.13

Written by Danielle Campbell

Group commercials are always interesting because there are x number of variables, commensurate to how many other people you are acting with. During this particular workshop, we worked on an Axe commercial script with 4 characters. The setting was an office in which “Adam the intern,” distracts everyone with his incredible “Axe hair.” The entire meeting is a montage of moments where the office workers express their infatuation of Adam. The skills exercised in this script were comedic timing, pacing with other actors, and expressing the unique motives of each character.  Actors had an opportunity to switch roles, apply accents (Indian, Trinidadian, Dutch, etc) and as usual, it was an entertaining, uplifting, and enlightening workshop!